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    Single value dropdown quick filter displaying "(Multiple Values)"

    Daniel Jackson



      We have recently upgraded to Tableau Desktop and Server 8.0.5 (Build 8000.13.1001.1930), and have noticed some strange behaviour on our existing reports, developed in Tableau 7.


      On our reports, we choose a single Period Type, and a single Period. Each Period Type has many periods, but only one can be selected at a time. The possible combinations are:


      Period Type = Moving Annual Total. Period = MAT, MAT-1, MAT-2

      Period Type = Latest 12 Weeks. Period = L12W, L12W-1, L12W-2

      Period Type = Year to Date. Period = YTD, YTD-1, YTD-2


      The Period Type is selected via a parameter control. The Period is selected via a Quick Filter - single value dropdown. It is a requirement that the Period filter show only the relevant Periods.


      When using Tableau Desktop and Server 7, the end users expressed displeasure at changing the Period Type, and then getting a blank report before they manually selected a new Period, and wanted a default Period for each Period Type. This was solved by selecting Edit Filter, and selecting the values MAT, L12W, and YTD. The parameter filter on Period Type meant that only the data for a single Period was displaying at a time. The reports were showing the correct data, only a single Period name was being shown in the Period filter (see Dropdown defect1.png)

      Dropdown defect1.PNG.png

      , and the Period changed dynamically with the Period Type. All was well...

      Then we upgraded to Tableau 8.


      Now, while the behaviour is unchanged in Tableau Desktop 8, when using Tableau Server 8, in the Period filter box, instead of displaying the single Period in focus, it says "(Multiple Values)" (see Dropdown defect2.png).

      Dropdown defect2.PNG.png

      Also, when I export to Image or PDF, the Period field is blank. The values coming through are still for only the Period in focus, but the incorrect name has the potential for a large amount of confusion for the end users, and has been flagged as an unacceptable issue. Since the behaviour is inconsistent between Desktop and Server, I do not believe it is an intentional change (and if it is intentional, it's very unhelpful).


      Can anybody please help? I've tried removing and re-creating the filter in Desktop 8, but no success.


      Apologies for the long explanation instead of enclosing a packaged workbook, but the report contains sensitive information. Also, the issue does not existing in Desktop 8, only Server 8, so the packaged workbook may not have been much help anyway.


      Thank you,