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    Getting * character instead of a date

    Thomas Beaulieu

      Hello - please see the below screen grab.  I am working with Excel data where I have 5 years of shipments.  Tableau is displaying 6 distinct categories for ship year with the last ship year showing * despite all my checks on the native file coming up without a single instance of * as a ship date.  Any idea what is going on?



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          Dallin Crump

          I can only guess without having a complete picture of how the workbook has been set up, but what does it show you when you try to view the underlying data for those 574 records with the * year?

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            Jonathan Drummey

            Hi Thomas,


            You didn't show us the Marks Card or Pages Shelf, which are necessary to have a better sense of what is going on. I can see from the pills (based on the orange checkmark icons) that they are coming from a blended secondary data source, so the * for the Ship Date dimension is showing up because there are multiple Years for whatever primary dimension(s) are in the view on the Marks Card or Pages Shelf.


            An important thing to know about data blending is that your dimensions from the primary determine the overall level of detail for the view. Dimensions from secondary sources will not increase the level of detail.