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    Workbook and Extract file location


      Hello Everybody,


      I had a questions regarding an extract file and how it's used by Tableau Professional and for reports published to Tableau Server.


      For example, I would:


      1. Create a workbook on Tableau Professional
      2. Generate an extract file for the workbook
      3. Publish the workbook to Tableau Server
      4. On Tableau Server, schedule a task to refresh the extract file on a nightly basis


      So my question is, say a month later I open the workbook back up on Tableau Professional.


      When I look at it, the data is from when I originally extracted the data a month ago.


      Why doesn't the workbook in Tableau Professional show the more recent data even though I have a nightly schedule refreshing the extact?


      I'm saving the extract file on our Tableau server.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks so much!