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    Using tabcmd on server 8.0 to save packaged workbook to sharepoint

    Robert Schneider

      Is there a way to use the get command to save a packaged workbook from server 8.0 into sharepoint?


      I can run the comand below and save the packaged workbook to a file server

      tabcmd get "/workbooks/CustomerService-Server.twb" -f "\\salfile\public\Supply Chain Metrics\Ops Conf Call Presentation\ Customer Service - Server.twbx"


      But when I try to save it to the web server (sharepoint), i get error's

      tabcmd get "/workbooks/CustomerService-Server.twb" -f "\\i\DavWWWRoot\Supply Chain\Customer Service\ Customer Service - Server.twbx"


      from my laptop I get the error Permission Denied...from the server I get no shuch file or directory.


      Any advice would be appreciated....