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    AD group name containing a symbol is not being processed with tabcmd

    Shafi Mohammad



      We use AD authentication for our tableau landscape and have a windows script file to take care of the AD groups' sync with tableau.

      Recently we have observed that one of the AD groups which contains a symbol (En dash/Em dash) in its name doesn't get synced.


      The AD groupname is as below.

      Tableau – AQ Reporters


      I have observed the below errors/messages in the tabcmd log.


      [10704] DEBUG  Sep-24 13:14:14,845:


      [10704] DEBUG  Sep-24 13:14:14,845: ====>> Starting Tabcmd 8.0 at Tue Sep 24 13:14:14 UTC 2013 <<====

      [10704] DEBUG  Sep-24 13:14:14,860: Build 8000.13.0502.1826

      [10704] DEBUG  Sep-24 13:14:19,141: run as: tabcmd syncgroup Tableau û AQ Reporters --license interactor --publisher

      [10704] INFO   Sep-24 13:14:19,157: Continuing previous session

      [10704] INFO   Sep-24 13:14:19,157:     Server:   https://<servername.com>

      [10704] INFO   Sep-24 13:14:19,157:     Username: AA\Tableausrvacc

      [10704] INFO   Sep-24 13:14:19,157: Synchronizing server with Active Directory group Tableau û AQ Reporters...

      [10704] INFO   Sep-24 13:14:21,423: No such group 'Tableau � AQ Reporters'' in Active Directory.



      tabcmd syncgroup Tableau û AQ Reporters --license interactor --publisher

      No such group 'Tableau � AQ Reporters' in Active Directory

      From above we could see that the symbol in the group name is distorted in the log.


      I was wondering if anyone has encountered this scenario before and throw some light on it.


      I would also like to understand if 'tabcmd' is unable to process/interpret the symbol or whether it has anything to do with Windows script unable to process the symbol.