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    Change the (All) Filter Selection to Another Text

    Alex Lopez

      I have 4 region filter selections: Americas, APJC, EMEAR, and the default of (All) to select all regions. On my filter I would like to replace the text (All) to Global. Is this possible?

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          Ben Neville

          This is not possible via a quick-filter. Unfortunately this text is not changeable. You can remove this button altogether, but you can't change it. My recommendation would be to leverage a parameter. Give the parameter (we'll call it Region Parameter):




          There are now 2 ways to leverage this parameter. For the first parameter (which is generally more flexible), you could do something similar to the following):


          If [Region Parameter] = "Americas" and [Region] = "Americas" then "True"

          elseif [Region Parameter] = "APJC" and [Region] = "APJC" then "True"

          elseif [Region Parameter] = "EMEAR" and [Region] = "EMEAR" then "True"

          elseif [Region Parameter] = "Global" then "True"

          else "False"



          Then filter only on the True values. You can be a bit more eloquent with this calc and simplify it to the following:


          [Region Parameter] = [Region] OR [Region Parameter] = "Global"


          Then filter only for True values just like above.


          The other method is to pick a measure if you are only trying to use this for a specific measure. This allows you to not filter a whole sheet, but filter only for a specific metric. We'll pretend in this instance you are trying to view Sales. To accomplish this, use the same calculations as above, but replace "True" with [Sales]. You also don't have to filter anything with this method, which makes 1 less step for anyone using this dataset later if they are unfamiliar with it.


          If [Region Parameter] = [Region] OR [Region Parameter] = "Global" then [Sales] else 0 end

          I would recommend the first approach, but using the 1-line calculation if it works for you. If you need to filter only a single metric as opposed to an entire sheet, then I would use the second.

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