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    Error Message : DataValue::MakeSpecial: bad argument

    Bruce Segal

      Hi folks:


      I just got this error message while trying to refresh an extract file of a .xls data source. I searched our forum and see that this question has been asked 2 other times but no one has provided an answer.


      For completeness here are the links"

      Error loading packaged workbook

      connection to Excel: DataValue::MakeSpecial: bad argument


      I'm using Desktop ver 8.0. In addition, I noticed that one of my measures was renamed to something like "Calc_123445." I can't tell if this calc was a measure native to the source data or if it's was a calculated field I created. I've learned that .tde files can get corrupted and rename a calc or original filed with "Calc_12345" and display it w/o a "=" sign next to the measure even if the field was a custom calc.


      Currently, I can't remove the .tde b/c when I do that and Tableau tries to connect to the source .xls, I get the same error. So, I may try the suggestion in one of those threads to duplicate the source .xls and then reconnect to it. But, I'd like to know if there's a proper fix instead of a work-around?