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    Check for activated licenses

    Tim Latendress

      Our IT shop has a procedure that scans all computers on our network for Tableau Desktop installs -- which works just fine. However, we often transfer licenses to different users throughout the agency and have them Deactivate the license but leave the software installed in case they need it again at a later date. Others have simply used a free trial of the software to determine if they can use it for their projects. And so a typical network scan shows many more desktops installed than we have licensed. As our desktop user base has grown we have found that we need a better process for ensuring the licenses are properly distributed.


      I am curious whether anyone has developed (and is willing to share) a process that determines:


      1. If Tableau Desktop Software is installed? (we have this part)

      2. Is the license key Activated/Deactivated?

      3. If Activated, what is the license key?

      4. If Licensed and Activated, when was the last time they used the software?


      I suspect items 2 & 3 are hidden in the Registry somewhere. Item 4 could probably be determined by scanning the Log directory for the Last Modified date. This might be a question for Tableau tech support but thought I would check here first.


      Much obliged!