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    Please explain permissions and their order of precedence.

    Toby Erkson

      I'm trying to understand permissions because I need to set up a stricter environment.  So, with that...

      Where does inheritance start?  Because it's available when publishing a workbook AND when setting permissions on Projects.  I would like to have default permissions for a published workbook and have the author adjust them as necessary.  For example, all workbooks should have their "View Underlying Data" set to Deny and the auther/publisher can change that permission if needed.


      So there the various blurbs from the user manuals but they don't help (I've read through the publishing and permissions sections of both manuals).  This is confusing (workbook publishing permission):


      "If you set a permission to Inherit, that permission is determined by the user’s group and project permissions."

      then there's (server permission setup):


      "You can set permissions for the project to allow or deny individual users and groups permission to access the project."

      but it doesn't explicitly talk about Inherit even though it's an option 


      Help!  Can someone explain this better than the manuals?