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    dark state label and ocean color

    NACSA Tableau

      Does anyone know how to darken the state labels on the maps? The colors that I use to fill the map overshadow the labels and make the state names less visible (see attached).


      Also, does anyone know the exact ocean color? I found a color code (Red: 200, Green: 225, Blue: 255) in another Tableau discussion thread but it did not match the ocean blue.


      Thank you in advance!

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          Allan Walker

          Hi NACSA,


          Have a read up on this: Mapping Architecture - Tableau Mapping -


          Changing Label Attributes

          Label layers are used to place labels on geometries. Labels have a number of formatting elements that can be changed by the user:

          mode=label: specifies this as a label layer

          from: the geometry table that is being labeled

          select: specifies the column of data where the label text is defined. If omitted, Mapfluence uses the default or ‘name’ column.

          wrap_width: maximum label width

          face_name: font used; learn about available fonts

          fill: font color. Mapfluence recognizes many common color names, including red, blue, maroon, white, black or transparent, or you can specify a hex color code.

          size: font size

          halo_radius: size of “glow" around fonts that separate them from background map

          halo_fill: color of halo

          Note: Certain labels that come out-of-the-box from Tableau are pre-rendered and therefore have limited formatting options. You can change the opacity of labels for Countries, States/Provinces, Counties, and Place Names, but not the color or size.

          More details and additional formatting options for Label layers can be found in Urban Mapping's Developer Documentation - Label Layer

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