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    Show/Hide Measures based on Parameter

    Ed Kukec

      Hi All,


      I posted recently regarding displaying 95% Confidence Intervals on my dashboard. Thanks to Jonathan, Scott and Ramon for the help guys.  I have one last question, which involves how to show or hide measures based on a parameter.  Basically I have 3 Measures:


      1. Readmission Rate

      2. Lower Confidence Interval of Readmission Rate

      3. Upper Confidence Interval of Readmission Rate


      Basically, what I want to do is allow the user to either display the Confidence Interval Measures or hide them in the data table so that when they are exporting they can show only the measure columns they want to see.  I can't use the Add Measure Names as Quick Filter because I have a bunch of other measures and calculated fields that will show up in the filter and I can't create a set on Measure Names to only show a subset of all my measures.  So what I need is some type of parameter or two parameters such as:


      Show Lower CI Parameter : Y or N

      Show Upper CI Parameter : Y or N


      Then I create a calculated field something like this:


      Show Lower CI Calculated:

      If [Show Lower CI Parameter] = 'Y' then show else hide end


      Show Upper CI Calculated:

      If [Show Upper CI Parameter] = 'Y' then show else hide end


      This doesn't seem to work...not sure if I used the show or hide keywords properly.  Any help would be appreciated.