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    calculated field with string output along customer per customer segment

    Michelle Eich

      So I've attached a view using the Superstore data that should help me apply it to my real data... hopefully.


      It's just a simple crosstab. Rows are customers, columns are Customer Segment / Department.


      Here's what's challenging at least for me...


      I'd like to be able to see the available connections by segment and department. By available connections I mean where a customer is already bought a product in a segment but hasn't yet bought in all 3 departments. So in that instance I'd like the view to display an A as available, and in that segment where he's already bought a product to display as E for existing.


      Take Aaron Bergman for example, the 4th customer down.  He's a Corporate customer, so Consumer, Home Office and Small Business segments should remain blank for all departments, but For Corporate where there is a 10 for Office Supplies and a 4 for Technology, I'd like that to show as E. Then for Furniture under Corporate where he hasn't yet purchased a product, I'd like that to show as 'A'.


      If I've been able to explain what I'd like to see clearly, can you help me acheive that output?  I've tried simple IF statements but I'm not able to even come close to what I need.  Missing the boat on this one big time.


      Thanks in advance for your help.