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    Sales Sample Workbook (in Desktop Help)

    Kathy Batson

      Is there a written description available of the Sales sample workbook?

      I would like to create that workbook from scratch and would like to read the requirements for the workbook.

      Would like to use that to determine what Parameters and Calculated Fields to create and how to fill the tiles etc.

      I think I would learn more if I created it from scratch instead of reverse engineering the sample that Tableau provides.

      Thank you!


      Keywords: Sales Commission, Sample Workbook, Quota, Churn

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Kathy,


          I haven't heard of anything, you might try Tableau tech support. If you like learning that way, the Tableau forums can be a really good resource. Here's been my process for learning Tableau, you'll recognize #3 on the list:


          1. Watched the training videos, read the manual, read Stephen McDaniels' Rapid Graphs with Tableau and had Tableau open to follow along.

          2. Downloaded Tableau Public workbooks and workbooks from the forums, deconstructed & rebuilt them.

          3. Took questions on the forums that had answers and then tried to build a solution without peeking, then if I got stuck I had an answer.

          4. Started answering questions on the forums myself.

          5. Connected with more Tableau users to get 1-on-1 and group learning (screen sharing sessions, the Boston Tableau User Group, Think Data Thursday here on the forums, going to the Tableau Customer Conference, watching TCC session videos).

          5. Started writing blog posts (the genesis of many of these are problems on the forums that deserve a more detailed answer).

          6. Started writing a book on Tableau.