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    Getting rid of the ... in the table calculation

    Jean-Christophe Rodrigue

      Hi everyone,


      I am having trouble with a table calculation. Basically, my base data is not at the right grain and I need to perform one level of aggregation to get it to the correct grain and then perform a table calculation to get the aggregation in want. I am so close to the end result though. My table calculation gets me the right result except it is also showing an annoying '...' symbol on every line of my table because of the field left in the "detail" box.


      A little context:

           My table containts logs of enemy encounter for a game.  The same player can encounter the same entity multiple times

           Grain is every encounter: a player_id can encouter many enemy_entity_id and the opposite is also true.

           Basically it's an N to N relationship

           There is a hierarchy in my data for the enemies. enemy_master_id 1: N enemy_entity_id


      What I am trying to do:

           I am trying to calculate the median number of users who fought the different_master_id


      The steps I am doing to get the results

           1- Put master_id pill on row

           2- Put entity_id pill  on "detail"    

           3- For Measure: Perform a COUNTD(user_id)

      Now this gives me the number of distinct players per entity_id


      The table Calculation:

      IF FIRST() == 0 THEN

          WINDOW_MEDIAN(COUNTD([uid]),0,  IIF(FIRST()==0,LAST(),0))



      This gives me the number I am looking for for. The table calculation is partitioned by enemy_master_id and adressed by enemy_entity_id.


      Question: Now how do I remove the trailing '...' symbol next to all the values obtained for each result of the table calc?


      Thanks so much!