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    Help! Can't view an embedded viz

    Kyle Potter

      I'm embedding two Tableau Public vizes (linked below) on a test page on our site (http://www.inforum.com/pages/testpagekyle), but can't get them to load properly. They seem to be loading fine for a bit, but then go to a login page which says "Session timed out due to inactivity." When I try to log in, it says: "Sorry, the page you were looking for does not exist, or you do not have permission to see that page. Request ID: Unl1xQq@ATcAAB1QrKYAAAO3"

      After poking around on the Tableau site, I found something that suggested it may be because the viz was too big. I split it up into two (as you may see on the test page), but still can't get it to work. I've also tried embedding a viz that we previously embedded successfully on our site, but can't get that to work, either.


      Here are links to the two workbooks we're trying to embed:




      Any ideas? Thanks!