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    Common Beginner Problem with Creating Calculated Field

    Joan Dalpe

      I think I'm running into a problem then I learned about in one of the tutorial videos though I can't seem to relate it to my issue precisely enough to figure out the solution.


      Ultimately, I want a stacked bar chart showing the percentages that two currency fields are to the total. So I'm creating calculated fields to show the % of total figures for each field. But I can't seem to get those final % numbers (which turn into agg field (right or wrong?) into a stacked bar format. I'm new at calculated fields, so not sure if I'm doing it right. And maybe I don't even need a calculated field for what I'm trying to do...create "% retained" vs. "% unretained" and then show as a stacked bar. I can managed the first calculation to determine "retained" but the "unretained" eludes me.