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    Column Level Filter

    Dev S

      Do we have Column Level Prompt in Tableau?

      For Example, I have Country, Region & Company in my report, I want to have Column Level Filter Like Excel.


      Whenever I try to use the Default Filter Provided by Tableau, It creates a new Filter & I have to Filter from there, cant we Filter Directly from the Report like Excel does?


      Please Help





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          Shawn Wallwork

          Nope. Tableau ain't Excel. But then Excel ain't Tableau, so I guess it all balances out.


          My mantra: Let Tableau be Tableau; let Excel be Excel!






          PS: And don't try to make Tableau do formatted P&L and Balance sheets; you're going to pull your hair out. (But I think that's the answer to a question further down.)

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            Matt Lutton



            If using a single select filter, it is possible to replicate the behavior of an Excel filter by floating a filter selection over the area of the viz where the "header" for the chart would display.  There are other creative formatting examples out there, showing intuitive filter selections, etc.  Providing instructions on dashboards (using hover tooltips, etc.) and otherwise guiding users can also help in demonstrating how to utilize a dashboard properly.


            I don't think users struggle much with how these quick filters work, even if they appear different from Excel.  If they are marked/labeled clearly, it should be pretty obvious how to utilize the quick filters on a dashboard.


            Anyway, best of luck.  Example of a single-select, floating quick filter attached.

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              Dev S

              @Shawn:- Tableau ain't Excel. But then Excel ain't Tableau, so I guess it all balances out.

              I wish, I had time to do a balance Test of a Excel with Tableau:-)

              There is not much you can do if there is a business requirement to get a basic requirement done(BTW, Which is possible in many BI Tools)

              Thank you for clearing that out!



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                Dev S

                Thank you Matthew, Can we hide the Dimension & Only use the Dimension Filter(Not Both)?

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                  Matt Lutton

                  You can hide the label/de-select the "Show Header" option for the original dimension--but doing so removes the space to the left of the chart as well.  There are all kinds of options for how you line things up on a dashboard, you'll have to experiment and see what you can get.  Attached is a version of the same, without the original dimension showing in the view.


                  This is a work-around, and should be treated as such.  I would not suggest you actually try to use this, but you had asked the question, so I just wanted to show you that there are always options within Tableau.


                  I would strongly suggest you place your filters on the side, or in a consistent location, as Tableau does by default.  Train end users on where to find these filters and how to use them.  I almost never use a floating filter selection, because they are difficult to line up/format properly--and its not really obvious that there is a filter there to select--unless we re-name the title "CHOOSE MARKET", etc.