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    What font formats (WOFF, TTF, EOT,OTF, SVG) does Tabelau sever support?

    Rob Strong

      We are using Tidbits Regular, which is a TTF, on a Dashboard to number a series of worksheets. However Tidbits Regular isn't supported by Chrome, Safari or Firefox so the numbers are not visible if the client's browser isn't IE. Our digital development team thinks that we can resolve this by using either OTF or WOFF format font like Circle Frame Positive. I can't find any documentation on what formats/types of fonts are supported on the Tableau Server.

      The other suggestion they had was to use the JavaScript API and using the @font-face rule to call a WOFF but I don't know if that will work.


      I've gone to Tableau Chat and was referred to my rep, who is out, and the Server Admin guide. If anyone has an answer I would appreciate it!