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    MAX across a dimension which is not shown

    Martin Smrt

      I'm working on a report which looks at recurring purchases by cohorts based on sign-up date. The data looks like this:


      CountrySign-up datePurchase dateUnique user purchasesRevenue


      What I need to get is:


      Sign-up dateSign-ups (users)Total Revenue


      While the Total Revenue is a plain SUM, the user count is a MAX across all purchase dates. I need to understand how many users initially signed up and how much money they spent in total.


      Hope this is clear. Any ideas on how to do this, please?


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          . Indumon

          Hi Martin,


          It is possible to show max across a dimension which is not shown, using a Table calculation (Lookup). However I don't think that is  required to get MAX user count  across all purchase dates, because this can be achieved by a simple MAX function.


          I just created a calculated field Max Unique Purchase= Max(Unique user Purchases) .




          Please let us know if your requirement is more complex ?

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            Martin Smrt



            I realized I didn't explain the full extent of the challenge. I edited the original question.


            There's one more dimension, e.g. Country. Neither Country nor Purchase date will be shown in the report.


            I need to get the number of users which is basically a SUM of all (MAX(Unique user purchases) across all dates) for each country. Hope this is clear :-)