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    What is the Tableau 8 definition of big data? It's choking on 660k rows.

    Dusty Ny



      I'm trying to work work a pretty small data set. I'm using Tableau 8 and I'm trying to work with an excel file that is around 40MB, 660K rows, 13 columns. I've imported in to the Tableau format. My workstation is a 6 Core i7 2.3ghz, 64GB of RAM, dedicated SSD.


      My machine should be able to blow through this with no problem but it's taking me 30 secs to 3-4 mins each time I make a change. I've tried filtering down to a smaller set (around 50K rows) but it's still really slow. Often I get error messages telling me I have to many columns selected and that i should remove stuff. From what I've seen it looks like some of this is due to single threaded processing, but at other times my CPUs are barely working (3-8% usage).


      This is not big data, big data to me is in the TB range and up. I've read that there might be some issues with v8 being slower then v7.


      Is this unreasonable, are 660K rows x 12 Columns to many?