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    Tableau Server Actions




      Is there anyway (or indeed any proposed workaround) that allows you to use actions from one Dashboard to another Dashboard on Tableau Server v8 when the 'Show Sheets as Tabs' option is deselected, so that it loads in the same browser window and doesn't force a new window to open?


      The motivation for this is that we have a workbook with about 50 dashboards in it. Starting from an initial dashboard there's a tree structure you would naturally follow, for example you would go from Main Dashboard > A > A1, and then back to Main Dashboard before going to B as the subject areas are independent.

      Tree Structure.JPG.jpg

      Having read the following, it seems like it's not possible. Is this the case? And if it is, will it change in v8.1 or in a coming release, or is there a workaround I'm missing?










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          Matt Lutton

          Hi Kevin:


          I totally understand what you'd like to do--unfortunately, in order to use filter actions with workbooks on a Tableau Server site, the "Show Sheets as Tabs" option must be selected.  I do not know of any upcoming changes to this, unfortunately.  I agree it would be best to let the publisher choose which tabs to show, and allow the use of filter actions to create navigation instead of using the tabs.


          The only workaround I know of is embedding your vizzes in an external website/portal.  Then, you can use the javascript API and get around the limitation on Server.  I've not done it, and I am with you in hoping that more flexibility in this area on a Server site is coming in the future.

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            Thanks Matthew, really appreciate the quick reply.


            Unfortunate that it's not feasible, seems like such a restriction to not allow different analytical paths to be followed intuitively.


            We're using JS integration at the moment, but I'll have to see if there's flexibility to facilitate such a change.


            Thanks again,