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    Hosting Tableau Server on AWS/Azure or similar IaaS provider




      I am looking into hosting our Tableau Server isntance using an IaaS provider such as AWS or Windows Azure. The hope is to offset the infrastructure purchase and maintenance costs. I was wondering if anyone has taken this approach in the past and if so how did you address the below issues?


      1. Which IaaS provider did you choose and why? If anyone has run into problems with a specific IaaS provider that would be good to know.


      2. How many users are you supporting and have you experienced any performance or availability issues?


      3. Do you work with sensitive data in your workbooks? Most of our visualizations contain sensitive/personal information and publishing workbooks along with the extracts to the cloud raises obvious security concerns. How did you address this issue or accept risk of having that data avilable in the cloud.


      I found the below discussions that show it is possible. However I am very interested in how the above issues were addressed.