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    Is there a way to aggregate rows with an "and" function so I can create a distinct count?


      There may be no easy way to do this except for exporting the data, manipulating it, and then pulling it back into Tableau which is what I've done in the past.  I wanted to see if anyone had run into this before and come up with a solution.  I am not able to share my workbook due to sensitive information, but I can give a run down of what I'm trying to do. 


      Basically, I have a list of actions users are taking.  I want to be able to determine if the user has done two things.  In this example these actions will be comment and rate.  I only want to focus in on users who have both commented and rated, not one or the other but both.




      The above table gives an idea of what my data looks like.  I only want to focus in on users such as 1234 and 3789 since they have both commented and rated.  I want to filter out users such as 8910 and 7394 since they have only done one of the 2 actions.  My main purpose is mostly to just get a distinct count of users who have done both.  I know how to do this with an "either/or", but the "and" is throwing me off.


      Any ideas on how to aggregate at this level?