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    Problem with maps (geocoding)

    Tore Levinsen



      I've got a dashboard ("Local content") which contains one workbook (I've stripped it down to make it easier to read for you guys).


      The workbook "Project and personnel" contains one dot on the map (zip code location) for each person working on a specific project (color coding). Since I only have zip codes for Norway, those are shown where they live, for foreign employees, they've been 'summarized' to the capital of each country.


      On the dashboard ("Local content") it's possible to filter on  "Travel Location" -> this shows all employees who need to travel from i.e. the heliport "Bergen" to get to their respective projects onshore or offshore. Then the customer can see that there is a lot of people who needs to travel quite far to get to their projects and they can relocate them. This is all good....


      My problem is that I would like to have the data from workbook "Locations" also on the "Project and personnel"-workbook. This so that we can see where the onshore/offshore-locations are + the heliports. There is no valid relationship between the datasets that populate the two different workbooks. I've tried different options, including geocoding - without help.


      If anybody can give me some tips on how to solve this, I would be very happy


      Attached is the packaged workbook with sample data

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          Ramon Martinez

          Hi Tore,


          The way to solve your problem is doing a union of tables: Location and PersonelAndLocation. To do the union you need to use common fields in both tables, for instance Latitude, Longitude, CODE, Country and Description. Field "Type" needs to be added to the resulting table.


          Then you need to add a new field to differentiate those records from Localtion and PersonelAndLocation.

          Having in one data source all this information will allows you to map it on the same map.


          I hope this help,




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            Tore Levinsen

            Hi Ramon,


            your solution gives me everything on the same map, but causes problems with existing filters, since the Location table don't have data in the columns where I'm filtering.


            The data in the Location table should be visible at all times, regardless of what I'm filtering on, i.e. "Travel Location".


            Is there any other way of raching my goal?