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    Error replacing a local data source to published to server one

    alberto aguero

      Hi guys,


      When trying to replace a local data source to a published to server one we're getting an error that closes Tableau Desktop. This error occurs after making the change (replace the data source) and perform any other action, does not matter which one (save the report, publish the report, etc...)


      this is the error we get from the log


      2013-10-29 15:16:24.595 (-,-,-,-) 1490: InformationBox: message = "A workbook named 'report_test' already exists.  Overwrite it?", result = Yes

      2013-10-29 15:16:24.705 (-,-,-,-) 1490: *** Unhandled Exception: 0xc0000005


      any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated