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    Month Sales, YTD Sales, Moving Annual Total Sales

    Jessie Joseph Gotengco

      First of all, I want to apologize for this question. This may be simple to others, but right now, I'm still learning the ropes in this wonderful program called Tableau Would appreciate all the help I can get.


      I have monthly sales data from 2008 to June 2013. I want to display the following,


      (for reference, say Month of June 2013).


           1. Current Month Sales across all years, June 2013, June 2012, June 2011 and so on


           2. YTD June sales for all the years - YTD June 2013, YTD June 2012 and so on


           3. Moving Annual Total (MAT) June for all the years, MAT June 2013, MAT June 2012 and so on.


      I was able to display YTD June Sales using the Quick Table Calculation, but I observed that the monthly data (January to June) should be there. I can hide it, but is there a way of having YTD June Sales WITHOUT having previous months in the visualization??


      Please help.


      God Bless