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    Using a table calculation as a filter then trying to count rows

    David Mannering

      I may be approaching this completely backwards but here goes:


      In the following chart I can filter on the minimum number of black dots that are in a row by setting a parameter to that number. (So if I set it to 2, for example, Gamma and Kappa go away).  I do this by using a Table Calculation with a Running Sum (the numbers next to the dots) and a lookup to find the last number in the sum.  This all works well.  However, I also want to display in the Caption the number of rows that are displayed.  I do this with a total() function and it works fine if I change the number of rows by filtering on ID, but not if I use the table calc filter (because it still counts from the original table, which makes since).  The other complicating factor may be that the IDs have multiple records, so I am using a countd() within the total() function to get the row count.



      Is there any way to accomplish this and still have an accurate row count in the caption?  I've attached this workbook.  Thanks.