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    Conditional Formatting of Text and Shapes on Two Different Variables

    Chris Stockmann



      I have three variables that I would like to display in a table-like format.  In my ideal situation, column 1 will feature the identifier (e.g., A, B, C, etc.), column 2 will feature the activity (e.g., High, Moderate, Low), and column 3 will feature the trend (e.g., Decreased, Unchanged, Increased).


      The picture below shows my expected output:



      I have attached a Tableau export packaged workbook that contains two worksheets labeled 'Activity' and 'Trend'.  These have the desired output for columns 1 and 2 and columns 1 and 3, respectively.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to meld the two in such a way as to get it to resemble the desired output above for all 3 columns.


      My intuition would lead me to believe that a dual mark type setup would work for this, however I haven't been able to coerce Tableau into doing this.  Any suggestions on how to get this working would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks,