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    How to drilldown in mapping

    vishnu priya

      for example,in mapping using geographic role if we click on particular country it should show the states in that country in drilldown form..like hierarchy with out using any parameters as filters...please reply soon..i need the solution...i have tried it and done some thing..

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Vishnu,


          One option would be to create three separate sheets, one for country, state and county. Then, create two filter actions. The first filter action will originate from the Country sheet and target the State sheet. The second action will have the State sheet as the originating sheet and county as the target sheet. Then, when a user selects a country, he will be brought to all the states within that country. Then, when a specific state is selected they will be brought to the county sheet with all that state's counties.


          Hope this helps!