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    Ranking 1 Data Meausrement Against Others

    scott scottson



      I have been scratching my head for a while on this one and i'm no closer to the answer.

      What I need to compare is "Customer A" has done £10,000 of sales this month.

      Customer B - £20,000

      Customer C - £9,000

      Customer D - 6,000

      Customer E - £12,000



      How do I display that Customer A is the 3rd best in the whole market?

      I don't want to show the figures £20,000, £9,000, £6,000, £12,000 I just want to show that Customer A is the 3rd best company in the market?


      I need this for more than 1 stat so I would like a Bargraph which says you are no. 3 in sales figures against the market.

      You are 2nd in regards to profit, 5th for profit / employee . . . etc.


      Normally I would do this all in a stored procedure but Tableau doesn't support this without linking servers.


      Alternative is there anyway I could perhaps get the data in a C# application, and export it in something that Tableau will accept other than csv / excel etc, is there something I can plug straight into Tableau?