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    Merge two worksheets in to one

    Dan Aspinall

      Hi folks,


      I've created two worksheets using the same data source.  The first uses a number of joins to get a "validated" flag.  The second is simply a count of accounts, some of which will be validated.  On a dashboard I get the correct values for each worksheet.

      Whatever I try to do to get the two measures in the same graph, I always seem to get the same number of results - as if the count of accounts is only matching what is already calculated as having a validated flag.  Is there an easy way to combine the two?  I'm using a date field that is common to both as the dimension.


      Both looking good here:

      combine worksheet dashboard.PNG.png


      By dropping account_id on to y axis or adding the measure as a row


      combin worksheet.PNG.png


      I have the feeling I'm missing something pretty fundamental here but have scoured the knowledge base and haven't come up with anything relevant as yet.


      Appreciated any assistance.

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          Prashant Sharma

          Hi Dan,

          You just have to put two measures in row & right click on the second measure & choose "Dual Axis" option. If this will not work for you please share a sample packaged workbook.


          Warm Regards,

          Prashant Sharma - India | LinkedIn

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            Shawn Wallwork

            Or in your second screenshot change the Account ID pill from CNT(ACCOUNT_ID) to COUNTD(ACCOUNT_ID) like you have it set up in the first screenshot. That should produce the different values and separate the two lines without resorting to a dual axis chart.





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              Dan Aspinall

              Thanks heaps for the help but I think I need to explain more about the data.


              The "validated" measure is using quite a few filters, to bring back a certain status id, remove quite a few email addresses that are not needed, and another value "type_id".  So what is happening is when I drag the other value "account_id count (distinct)", because my validated measure has an account_id associated with it, I'm only seeing account_ids that match what has been created in the filter.  So if I add dual axis, I just get two identical lines plotted.  How do I distinguish that on my second measure I don't want any of the filters?  Sorry if this is obvious, new to the product etc etc...

              The workbook is full of customer details so can't really publish a copy here.  Another screen shot showing the duplicate value though:


              dual axis.PNG.png

              I really appreciate the responses.  Definitely getting closer to where I need to go with Tableau.

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                Prashant Sharma

                Hi Dan,

                1)Put the filter in filter section & click on "ALL". I took up a sample data & put "Region" in Filter section & choose "All" button.

                2) Create a calculate field in which use

                if [Region] == 'Central' then [Sales] end

                This provides me Sales for only "Central" Region.

                3) For second measure i put Profit. First it is showing only a single line but put Measure Name in Detail section. If you are still getting a line which is one above another then from Profit -> Go to "'Edit Axis" & click on "Synchronize Axis " . This thing will show two lines with filter is only on "Sales" not on "Profit". Attaching a file & arrange Measure Names & Measure Values according to where i put. Please let me know if this will not work for you.


                Warm Regards,

                Prashant Sharma - India | LinkedIn

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                  Dan Aspinall

                  Hi there.


                  Thanks so much again for the information.  I've been through what you suggested as well as I can but synchroize axis is greyed out, as the two sets of data are not the same as far as Tableau is aware.  I'll have to look at this:


                  To see if I can get the two to be displayed.


                  I think that'll do what I'm trying to do anyway.  Will report back.