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    Tableau and HTML

    Dawid Nawrot

      I've read some threads about embedding a website on the dashboard. However I need something much simpler. Let's say I store paths to images in my database. Is it possible to use those paths and show actual images in Tableau?

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          Matt Lutton

          You would think this would be very simple to do, but I have not been able to reference images stored in my DB--a workaround is to use Custom Shapes.  You can place the images in your Shapes folder in your "My Tableau Repository", and use them from there in some interesting ways.

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            Joshua Milligan



            On a dashboard you could potentially use a Web Page object and load the image using a URL action.  If you are wanting it to simply load and display the images without interactivity, then Matthew's suggestion is a good one.


            Another option is to use a background image (from the menu Map --> Background Image) and then set conditions on when to show various images.






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              Dawid Nawrot

              The problem is I am going to need a lot of dynamic images. Let's say I pull 100 products and I keep full image path for them and would like to show the images in the report. Background image won't work in this scenario

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                Joshua Milligan

                What about the Web Page object option?  Would that work?

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                  Matt Lutton

                  Yes, if each image had its own URL, you could potentially reference them as web pages, I'd think.

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                    Kyle Pipkins

                    This is possible using a parameter. For example, in the Super Store data let's say you have a image for each Product Category (Tables, Bookcases, Appliances, Paper, etc). If you create a parameter with those values and they match exactly to the file name in the database then the url would look like this: R:\SharedDrive\DB\Images\<attr(image)>.jpg


                    The parameter now acts as a filter for the images and if you create a calculated field equal to the parameter then that could also filter the rest of your sheets.


                    If it doesn't make sense I'll throw something together, but before I do that see if conceptually this makes sense to you.


                    Update: Here is a zip file. The URL link will break because it is pointing to my documents. Click on the Web Page container and edit everything in bold to where you save the zip file.


                    C:\Users\KPipkins\Documents\TableauCommunity\Tableau and HTML\Images\<Parameters.Department Parameter>


                    For example, this might need to say: C:\Users\[yourname]\Desktop\Tableau and HTML\Images\<Parameters.Department Parameter>


                    And this also works with actual files like a jpg as well as the folders.


                    Hope this helps.

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                      Dawid Nawrot

                      But my images are not coming from a single location. I store full url of a product and their urls are completely different from each other

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                        Kyle Pipkins

                        That is okay. If we are just talking conceptually, I'm going to assume you have an AdobeFlex database and you are using PostgreSQL as your connection. Taking the superstore example let's assume you have one large query from tblSuperStore to grab your primary data. If you write a second query to pull just the Product Item and URL's into a new data table and then join them on Product Item this would work.


                        Maybe I'm miss understanding the question, but if all you want to do is dynamically pass a URL to a Web Page container on a dashboard the short answer is Yes, use the URL dimension as a attribute and pass it as the URL. THen based on the users selection of a Product Item it will display the associated URL.


                        If you're not wanting to or cannot create a query to pull the URL's from your database into Tableau then I don't know. Tableau is not designed to talk back and forth and pass values. I have often wanted to pass a attribute into a form to set up a workflow process based on data points that might be outliers. I was told it can't be done and all attempts on my side point to the same conclusion. So unless you pull in the URLs as a dimension I don't know if this can be done.

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                          Michael Cristiani



                          Check out this workbook on Tableau Public.  Does it fit the bill.  All done with a DB.


                          Workbook: superbowlvideos


                          There is also Dan Murray's dashboard re: TED Talks: Workbook: TEDTalkViewerDGM885-800x1000


                          Michael W Cristiani