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    Counting (bin) customers by sum of sales per year


      Hi all


      I have a problem that I can't quite work out how to solve.


      I have a table with the following data:


      Customer name

      Product (i.e. the product they have purchased)


      Volume (i.e. the quantity of products purchased)


      I want to be able to group customers in to groups (bins) by the volume of products purchased over a year, e.g. under 100, 101-250, 251-500 etc.


      However the results I'm getting using Create Bins seems to be grouping the data at individual transaction level rather than summing customers by their total activity over the time period and then grouping them.


      e.g. if customer X made four separate orders over the year for 50 items at a time, I would expect that customer to fall within the 101-250 bin and be counted once. The results I'm getting, however, seem to be counting the same customer four times within the under 100 bin.


      Hope this makes sense and appreciate your help.

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