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    How to create a complex filter which not using an aggregator?

    Ed Solomon

      I have searched the forum and Internet, but found no solutions, maybe that due to my inexact query string. I am desired to know how to solve my problem. Any help will be appreciate, thank you.


      The data is shown as below:


      I have drawn them to a line chart:



      My purpose is to display products whose product_count are "top n by desc" at specific date.

      For example, at 2013-10-4, the top 2 product are product_c(green) and product_e(purple), I want to get the chart shown as below:


      at 2013-10-3, the top 2 product are  product_e(purple) and product_d(red), I want to get the chart shown as below:



      I don't know how to achieve this result, I need your help, thanks again.

      I have attached the file product.twbx.