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    Dual Axis - continuous line

    Julianna Wokurka

      when I make a graph a "dual axis" the continuous line goes away. I don't understand why, I haven't ever had this problem before.







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          Shawn Wallwork

          Julianna, this is tough to diagnose without a packaged workbook to play with. Why don't you recreate this behavior using the Superstore dataset so we'll have something to put hands on.





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            Julianna Wokurka



            Point taken. I've re-created the problem. I'm not sure why making it a dual axis causes the the continuous lines to go away but the result is not a very clean graph. Your help is much appreciated!

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Julianna, thank you, thank you, for posting the workbook. This is a perfect example of why posting workbooks is so important. [Please spread the gospel of Posting Packaged Workbooks to other!]


              So the solution is quick and easy. On the after tab drag the "Measure Names" pill off the color shelf in the All marks card. And you'll get this:


              No color.png





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                Julianna Wokurka

                So odd how this didn't happen when I did it other times.

                Thank you for your help though, it worked perfectly!

                I'll remember this lesson on posting packaged workbooks and spread the word.



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                  Jonathan Drummey

                  Also, if you put Measure Names above Customer Name pill on the Marks Card that works.


                  2013-10-12 12_44_15-Tableau - dual axis measure names on lod fix.png


                  Another solution for the line chart for the original ordering of Customer Name over Measure Name, you can get a line back by putting Customer Name on the Path Shelf. However, this doesn't work for the area chart because we don't have a Path Shelf for that.


                  What I'm thinking happens is that even though Measure Names isn't a full fledged dimension, it plays one on TV in views well enough that that it's partitioning the view into discrete chunks. In Tableau v8, the ordering of the pills (and their sort settings) on the Marks card determines how those partitions are made. That would explain why both the area chart turns into lines and the line into points in the original dual-axis view, because the partitioning would be Customer Name->Measure Name, so when Tableau is trying to connect the point from customer1 to customer2 it's blocked by the other Measure Name. Flipping those around to Measure Name->Customer name makes the partition on the particular Measure Name, then can easily go from customer1 to customer2 to customerN.