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    Filter Trouble!

    John Tellus

      I am trying to do a World Cup countries comparison. So I placed them side by side, with all the stats (from 2002 to 2010) in clear view & people can select using the drop down box. However, when I am trying to implement filters on the right side of the MoreInfo in the Dashboard, whenever I click on one of the row (the ones with the continent, group, pot, etc), it will mess up the left's table. How do I resolve this? My left side is ok; it will only affect its own stats, something which I want (eg if you choose Ecuador for the 2006 World Cup, it will give you just that) for both my sides.




      PS: I used 2 similar of Excel Data to replicate this, hope this is not why it's acting up.

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          Dan Huff

          Make sure that your dashboard action for the right MoreInfo2 does not have any target sheets on the left side of the dashboard. The action should only be targeted at the Sheetname2 sheets on your dashboard in order for the MoreInfo2 action to not affect the other side.


          This means you will have to create a dashboard action from scratch in the Dashboard --> Actions menu. Add a new filter with MoreInfo2 as the source with it targeting all the Sheetname2 sheets

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            John Tellus

            Great that worked! Thanks