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    Tableau Possibilities: Calculation to Show Fields Dependent on Filter Used

    Melinda Price

      I'm in need of thoughts around how I could get the following accomplished....


      I am needing to show certain fields in a visual based on what filter is being used.  For example:  I have a data set that includes leaders level 1-5 (level 1 being at the highest of the company).  If I want to show headcount information for a leader at level 1 and I filter by that leader, I then want to show in my visual a breakdown by each leader underneath which would make the field in my visual Level 2.  But, if someone instead wanted to view information for a level 3 leader and the visual needed to reflect associates that reported up through them (level 4), is there a way to have Tableau switch out the field in the visual (via calculation or other method) dependent on what field is used as a filter?