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    Retrieve original query that was used to make a Tableau Data Server Data Source

    Aaron Clancy

      I created a workbook with a data connection to Oracle.  I then published the data connection to Tableau Server.  Then I swapped my data source with the Data Server source.  Then I saved a local copy of the tds (Or so I thought).  Long story short it wasn't the right version of the query that was stored in the tds.  Does anyone know of a way that I can pull the query that exists in the tds that was published to server.  This is somewhat of a pain when dealing with Tableau Data Server Data Sources.  They have a lot of benefit but making changes to them is very painstaking.  I try to make it a best practice to store a local copy of a tds before I publish it as data server source but that seems like such an unnecessary step.  A publisher of a data server data source should be able to download the "original" tds that was published and not just the connection to it.