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    Invalid rows for custom geocode import (Tableau 8.0)

    Ahmed AbuBakr



      I am trying to get tableau to recognize the different data points within Bangladesh.

      The correct hierarchy in Bangladesh is this :


      Country>Division>District>Upazila> Union....


      I am trying to create a mapping for Country, District and Upazila. I have created 3 csv files (find attached), one for country, one for country,state (where state represents district) and one for (country, state, county (where county represents Upazila)... I have omitted Division completely from the mapping.


      The dataset I'm using (and the one I'm creating this mapping for) has only three districts. Of those, tableau recognizes two, but not the third  (district= Khulna) and I've checked the spelling- it's the same (see "2"). At the county/Upazila level, tableau considers all the rows to be invalid (see "1")!




      I would really appreciate some help on this.