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    How to show 3 levels in a hierarchy against a fixed STD DEV




      I am working on v8 tableau connected to cube data.   My workbook has about 12 dashboards on it, each requiring Standard Deviation on the graphs.  i have 2 questions:


      1 - Does having 10 dashboards affect performance if only one dashboard is being filtered at any time.  Would we be better breaking this up into
      individual workbooks?


      2 - Our Staff Heirarchy has 4 levels.  Currently, if a TM (lvl 3) wishes to see their own data, they have to expand out from lvl 1 to lvl 3 level 3 and then select KEEP ONLY.  This is affecting performance as the chart has to recalculate the STD DEV against each graphs and they end up seeing about 30 graphs before they reach the level where they can see their own name and select KEEP ONLY.  (I have attached a picture showing what it looks like expanded out to lvl 2 only.  What I am trying to achieve is to have the attached graph show as 3 lines on 1 graph representing level 2, where the STD DEV is fixed against LVL 1.  I would then do another graph where the LVL 3 TMS are also on a graph against the STD DEV of Lvl 1.  The purpose of this is so that each manager can see how they are performing against the STD DEV of the whole centre.  Can anyone point me in the right direction for how to create a calculation that will give me a fixed STD DEV against L1 that I can apply to any view?