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    Filtering Data by Qualifying Events

    Chip Lynch

      Welcome to today's post where I ask a question that I think is difficult and someone gives me a fantastic reply in, say, 30 minutes.


      I'm struggling with a problem in healthcare data.  I have a large dataset of members with claims with specific dates and diagnoses.  My users want to explore how members with particular conditions fare over time.


      For example, we'd like to split the population into people who ever had Asthma or Schizophrenia or Toe Fungus vs. people who did not, and compare the number of claims, severity, cost, diagnoses, and procedures across those sets.  There are thousands of diagnoses, so building a separate flag for each possibility is arduous. I'm looking for a better way.


      I've attached an example using Tableau's sample "Orders" data which almost-but-not-quite works.  Here I use the "Product Sub-Category" as the qualifying event.  That is, the user can select any Product Sub-Category, and the data set is divided into Customers who have ever purchased something in that Sub-Category (Qualified), and those who have not (Non-Qualified).  Except the "Qualified" group generally appears as an asterisk (undefined). This makes sens, I just can't quite figure out how to get around it.


      In the attached example I have "Paper" selected as the user-selectable sub-category.  This is an important example because there exist customers who have never bought Paper, customers who have bought paper and something else (ever), and customers who have ONLY bought Paper.  All three groups must be accommodated.  I don't mind if the latter two are combined (as "Qualified"), but in my example they are not, since the attribute is undefined ("*") for Customers who had both.


      In a perfect solution, I could base the Qualified flag on a selection of multiple things, for example Product Sub-Category, Product Name, or Total amount spent (i.e. separate my big spenders from little spenders), but I'll take it one step at a time.


      Some oft-requested tableau features would help, such as passing the parameter to custom filter or SQL, so I could calculate only one value (Qualified/Non-Qualified) for each Customer.  But can anything be done with the Tableau 8.0?


      Many thanks!