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    Default Date with Options

    LyNea Tomas



      I am working on a dashboard in which I would like to do the following:


      1. Show the past 7 days of data as a default.

      2. Still allow users to choose their date type (Year/month/quarter/week/day)

      3. Still allow end user to choose their dates


      I have tried to set a "relative" date filter and set it to 7 days.  However, when I do that, the dashboard loses the functionality to select other dates.  I have also created a "Start" and "End" date parameters as well as a "7 day start" dimension field in which the "7 day start" dimension field is not recognized in the "Range of Values". 


      Does someone have a solution of how to show the past 7 days of data as a default that will allow the end users to choose their own dates and choose between date types?


      I have attached a copy of the generic dashboard.