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    tabcmd errorlevel

    Hannah Staroselsky

      I created a batch file using tabcmd to export a report in pdf and  then calling a PowerShell  command to send email.

      Here is my code:


      cd c:\tabcmd\Command Line Utility


      tabcmd login -s http://stats.sfmta.com -u tabs -p t@bsacc


      tabcmd export "OrdersGivenTest/ws_OrderGiven" --pdf --pagelayout landscape --width 1100 -f "r:\Automated Reports\OrdersGivenDailyReportBatch"


      tabcmd logout

      cd c:\


      PowerShell -Command "tabcmd\emailBatch.ps1"




      I want to create a condition checking for an error after executing tabcmd export calling different PowerShell command in case of error.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you!