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    Two Dates to compare values

    Warren Bromfield



      I am working with a large table containing daily snapshot data. I am trying to figure out a way to select 2 separate dates and compare the records from those days (and only those days).


      for example: if I wanted to compare all of the inventory levels for products on one one day versus another day how would I do this?


      I have played around with filters and parameters, but the only solution I have found was to duplicate the data source (which I suspect will have a performance impact) and have a parameter for each data source and then joining back the data.


      any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Kasper Ulvedal

          Think this could be done by setting two parameters as date-formats and then filtering the measures through if-statements in calculations (if date = snapshot date, return sales).

          Please see the attached workbook (i have added two parameters "Snapshot date 1 & 2" and two calculations "Sales on snapshot date 1 & 2").


          My example is made on region, but as soon as you have the calculations in place - they will work across all dimensions.


          Hope this will help you forward...


          Cheers Kasper


          update: attached Packaged workbook (sorry it was a twb only on the first post)

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            Warren Bromfield

            Thank you Kasper,


            That was really helpful, this work fantastically until I tried to bring in any additional detail from the 2 dates, (e.g. show the 2 sales dates as columns)


            I tried to apply the same logic for selecting the dates but this then purely created multiple rows as it isn't an aggregate function.