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    Complex Month/Year sorting issues involving Parameters and Calc Fields

    Nat Lutz

      I'm having a little difficulty figuring out how to properly sort a quick filter for the following problem.


      Problem: Reports need to shown by YEAR and by Month (not both). The customer needs the ability to choose if they want to see the monthly detail or the years rolled up.


      What we have tried: We have created a parameter that allows the user to select "Year" or "Month". Then a calculated field is created which has an IF statement -


      If parameter = 'Year' THEN Year(date) ELSEIF parameter = 'Month' THEN Month(date) END


      The problem is...the functions within the calculated field do not perform the same way as the same named date functions directly on the fields. We need it to show the Month Name + Month Year. This can be created easily enough in a calculated field - but when doing so the quick filter cannot be sorted and shows up in alphabetical order. You can sort the column/row in the view by using the original date, but the quick filter does not do the same.


      If anyone has an idea on how to make this work (can be a completely different approach) it would be much appreciated.