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    action filtering in 8.0

    Heather Campbell

      I'm still getting used to blending and action filtering in 8.0.  I thought it wasn't necessary to have the field in the views of my two data sources, as long as the relationship is defined.  However, when I try to do action filtering in my dashboard between the two data sources by identifying my target filter I get an error message 'missing fields [on the source sheet]'.  As soon as I drop the field into the source sheet the action works - however, I don't want that level of detail in my view.  

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          Matt Lutton

          Place the field you don't want in the view on the level of detail shelf so your action can reference it, but it does not impact the view (hopefully).  If doing so changes your view, post a screenshot or packaged workbook and we can help you figure it out. I do believe for any action to work, the field needs to be somewhere in both sheets.  I could be wrong, I suppose, but that has been my experience.