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    I have events that span multiple days across many locations, trying to 'bin' the days to see how many events were 'active' on each day for the past year

    george floratos

      for example


      Event nameevent typesiteEvent Startevent End
      event aevent type 1New YorkJan 1Jan 4
      event bevent type 2New YorkJan 3Jan 5
      event cevent type 1New YorkJan 2Jan 6
      event devent type 3New YorkJan 4Jan 7
      event eevent type 3New YorkJan 5Jan 7
      event fevent type 2New YorkJan 2Jan 7
      event gevent type 1New YorkJan 1Jan 7


      My data spans the entire year, with some nulls, with thousands of events across many locations, but to simplify lets take 1 location


      I want to a chart that will show  that

      Jan 1 had 2 events active

      Jan 2 had 4 active events

      Jan 3 had 4 active events

      Jan 4 had 6

      Jan 5 had 6

      Jan 6 had 5

      Jan 7 had 4


      I cant seem to figure out how to 'bin' the active events into these slots by day, so that the x axis is a day and the y axis is the number of events that were active any particular day.


      I have created a massive 'sparse matrix' in excel and placed a '1' in every date column for each row (event), and then uploaded them as measures per day to get a sum, and measure names as the x axis, but this is tedious and tableau crushes my CPU putting it together.


      There has to be a better way?