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    Annotated Timeline



      I need to create an annotated timeline which is described in the view below.




      This is timeline for count over time. Now i have a data point called offerid which i need to annotate like in the image which has offername instead. I was not able to do that, any help would be appreciated.

      Attach is the sample workbook.




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          . Indumon

          Hi Sid, You can put the offername field in details shelf then right click on the graph data point->Annotate-> Mark/Point.Now you can insert the offername. But you have to do it for each data points manually so far i couldn't find a dynamic annotation option for all points.

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            Hi Indumon


            The problem in placing the offername in the details shelf is that it creates multiple line for each offer. I do not want that, all i want is that there shoould only be 1 line and the annotation point should tell me what all offer were there on that particular day.


            Hope it clears my question!!