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    Filter view by smaller of two ranges

    Marc Engle

      Hi All,

           I'm struggling with a problem getting a view to filter like I want.  I'm working with billings, backlog, and forecast data for some of our products and I have a data source that contains all of this information, plus many other attributes about our shipments to customers.  There is a column in the source indicating which type of data is represented by the rest of the record, be it billings, backlog, a particular forecast, etc.


           The requirements I have are that a user is to be able to choose their plan of reference (usually one of the forecast or baseline plans) and see the actuals data (billings and backlog) as compared to that chosen plan.  The billings and backlog data can span many years for a product that runs for a long time.  The reference or baseline plans are only based on a particular time window, usually 2-3 years worth of time.  When performing the comparison, I'm wanting to only show records from the actuals information where the time period is within the bounds of the time period represented in the chosen baseline plan.  I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this.


           A sample workbook is attached.  The graph is the initial analysis step, which will eventually lead into some type of drill down that will tell the user how much of the baseline plan they chose has been achieved and an analysis of how much over or under that plan we are at the time and what products are contributing to the over/under.


           Thanks for taking a look.