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    Showing ONLY mark labels with values above a certain size

    John Whitmer



      I'm plotting a map of 9K survey respondents, and I'd like to have mark labels visible for US cities.  It's a dispersed set, so I'd like to have marks for all respondents, but mark labels ONLY for cities with a count of respondents above a certain threshold (5, say).


      Can this be done in Tableau?  I've trolled the documentation, and see that you can set min/max plotting only, or use a filter (which would remove any respondents below a certain level, but I'm stumped.  Seems like a pretty reasonable request - because otherwise there's no logic or priority (human, anyway), to the mark labels - lots of value 1 are showing.


      Tableau gurus, any ideas? I have some private data in the workbook, so I'd prefer not to send ... although can do if this request isn't clear enough.


      Best, John